Wall Decals: An Expert Overview of Home Decor Stickers

Of a truth, having an exclusive home decoration for your room is a sure way to boost your morale and be happier than ever. Amongst all other possibilities, the use of wall decals is a fast-growing trend in most homes today. Here, you would find a general overview of what the product is all about and the reasons why you should adopt it for your home.

Wall Decal Defined

In simple terms, a wall decal, otherwise referred to as a wall sticker, is a piece of peel-and-stick vinyl or matte paper-like material that comes with a specific design, pattern, or graphic; and it is typically used to decorate the wall of a room for a beautiful outlook or an aesthetic appeal.

Available Categories

Wall decals come in a wide variety of sizes, designs and patterns. Typically, each type is named after its design, pattern or the graphic element on the product. Therefore, some of the categories that can be found on the market include flowers, kids, Star Wars, Spiderman, monogram, Disney, autos, heroes, cosmos, and buildings. Also, patterns that can be found include motifs, coloured dots, and silhouettes.

Making a Choice

While shopping for wall decals, you need to consider the theme you would like to give to your room. Remember that your immediate environment affects your mood. Therefore, try to opt for a type that would not only complement the wall painting, but also reflect your interest and personality.

As a result, you would feel relaxed and excited about your room whenever your attention is drawn towards the decorating elements. So, the type of product category you would like to use should suit your preferences. For instance, if you are fond of flowers, you can use ‘flower wall decals’ to accent your room.


There are several ways in which individuals can make use of wall stickers, and these include the following:

* Home: you can accent your wall to make your room aesthetically appealing.
* School/college: as a student, you can use the product to personalise your bed space.
* Office: a wall graphic that reflects the nature of job in a workplace would add more liveliness to the environment.
* Play rooms: in this case, the decorative elements can serve as play/instructional materials for children. You can use removable decals that have alphabets, birds, animals, and other familiar objects to make the kids active and happy.


The use of wall graphics has several advantages, and these include the following:

* Unlike wallpapers, they can be removed without damaging the wall and its painting. It is easy to remove and reposition a wall graphic if you would like to install it in another part of your wall.
* They add a personal and unique touch to the interior decor as everything would reflect your true lifestyle. They offer a creative expression for you and your personal world.
* They offer an aesthetic appeal that can take care of boredom. In most cases, wall decals communicate an idea you can identify with.
* They are very affordable.
* Compared to wall posters, they come with superior quality and durability.
* They make great gifts for your loved ones.

Without doubts, the use of wall decals would definitely add to the beauty of your room, and your accent wall would become the focal point that draws your attention. Once you know the type you want, you can go ahead to search the net for a credible store that offers the best deals based on your budget.

Brighten Up Your Home Decor With Conservatory Furniture

Home décor is a big part of our lives. The importance of a good home décor can be attributed to the fact that it is a reflection of our personalities and tastes. Added to that comes the all important factor of comfort and relaxation. The real essence of good furniture pieces can be lost when they fail to provide the much needed comfort.

Conservatory Furniture

Wood has been the traditional source of raw material for furniture since the days of its beginning. However with time it has also been realized that wood or timber resources needed to be preserved for an ecological balance of the planet.

There has been a global consciousness against the cutting down of trees on a large scale. But at the same time alternative resources have been found to provide not only safe sources of raw material or furniture making but ones that can make extremely graceful and attractive articles of home décor.

They Primarily have three sources

Rattan – This is a name that is given to various species of palm trees that are found in areas of Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia like Malay Peninsula and Thailand. There are willowy stems coupled with the leaves which are also useful.

Cane – This is a species of the Bamboo trees that are found. The part of bamboo trees that have particularly woody and tall stalks are used for various purposes. Commonly grown in various parts of the world cane is found popularly in the USA, South Africa and Asia.

Wicker – This is a source for some of the most innovative pieces of furniture in modern times. Stalks of plants like bamboo, reed and willow among several others are used to make a wide variety of articles. They are often hand woven as well.

Main Types

If you think that this type of furniture can be restrictive in any way then you are mistaken. There are a wide variety of choices in conservatory furniture range offering a perfect solution to your comfort and style needs at home.

Here are some of the popular articles of conservatory furniture.

sofas garden chairs dining table sets bedroom furniture living room furniture

These are only a few examples of furniture that is made from rattan, wicker or cane.

Their Advantages

A primary reason that can favour the usage of conservatory furniture is it is environment friendliness. The growth of these plants can be promoted in large scale for abundant production and yet preserve the resources like trees producing timber for an environmental protection of the planet.

But that is not all. There are several reasons that can be advantageous to the reasons of your home décor as well.

Here are some of the advantages.

Rattan furniture, cane furniture and wicker furniture are long lasting and durable.

They are low on maintenance and repair.

It is cost effective.

There are wide ranges of designs and artistic pieces of rattan furniture available in showrooms worldwide.

Cane furniture is especially in vogue when it comes to outdoor furniture as they can withstand all variations of climate patterns.

So the next time you plan a change of furniture make sure you get yourself a few pieces of rattan, cane or wicker furniture. There are sale that are held where you can get good bargains for attractive and fine pieces of furniture that are attractive and durable.