All About Global Home Accessories and Decor

A few years back, global decor was all the rage. Then it became taboo. Now, global home decor is back and better than ever. The internet has allowed people from all over the world to bring their culture front and center. This movement has trickled into home accessories and decor and now, global decor isn’t just about Asian or Indian influences. Global decor can include home accessories from just about anywhere: South America, Australia, Europe and beyond.

Global Home Decor: What to Look For

Following a trend is one thing, but with global home decor, you can easily become your own trendsetter. Perhaps you’ve got a far-off place you’ve always wanted to visit, such as Australia. Instead of following the main trend of global decor (which tends to be more of an oriental influence) why not follow a more Australian influence instead?

For example, you could use prints of Aborigine drawings or a collection of framed boomerangs as your wall art. You can mix and match these with South American fabric prints for your furnitures, such as ikat prints, which will blend well into an Australian-based global home decor theme.

Global decor also has an antique or reclaimed appeal to it. Furnitures that are made from reclaimed woods, such as side tables, coffee tables or dining tables, all fit well into a global decor scheme no matter what country you are pulling your influence from. Antique furnitures also work well, especially when aiming for an oriental-styled global decor look.

When looking at antique furnitures, try to think outside the box. For example, an old antique footstool might make a perfect side table. An antique record player, such as an old Victrola, could be a perfect buffet with some work. Don’t limit yourself with the furniture’s original purpose!

When choosing fabric items such as throw pillows or blankets, don’t be afraid of bright, vibrant colors; especially if going for an Indian, Moroccan or Oriental vibe. Remember, these cultures favor bright, vibrant shades like burnt orange, poppy red and shades of purple, blue and green. If these colors are too much, try pairing them with larger neutral pieces of furnitures or a neutral wall paint, which will help tone them down.

When decorating in a global style, just remember that there are more countries in the world and subsequently hundreds if not thousands of different styles that you could incorporate into a global home decor theme. The world is a vast place, so don’t feel limited by the typical Oriental global decor.

Artist Research For Home Decor

Home décor is a very popular and important aspect in one’s home. Whether it be designing and decorating a brand new home, or just updating and creating different designs in your current home, it is always nice to be able to choose a nice piece or pieces of art to add to the look of your interior design. There are several different artists that create art in their own way, from their own personal experiences. Whether it is telling a story, or simply creating a unique piece of art that is appealing to a target group of people.

Patricia Quintero de Pinto has over 20 years of experience as a painted, sculptor and muralist. She was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia, but has resided in Florida since 1999. Growing up, she was always surrounded by artists in her family. Her art is inspired by nature. From birds, to a small tropical island, where Patricia vacations, is where she is known to get a lot of her art inspirations. She also uses her artistic ability to paint murals in homes.

Lisa Audit has always had a passion for art for as long as she can remember. Marbleton, Quebec is where she was born and raised. There, with the support from her family she was able to release her creativity onto posters and print. Now her art is displayed on stationary, wallpaper, fabrics, as well as many other home décor items. A lot of her artwork consists of floral designs. She is known for painting mostly oils on canvas. These days, she is found creating her art in her basement that she has converted into an art studio, where she has been working in for over 12 years.

Lanie Loreth studied at Arizona State University and received a bachelor’s degree. She also has been attracted and engaged in art since an early age. She spent several years in graphic design before implementing her artistic skills into abstract and realism art. She likes to tell a story through her art pieces. She uses different mediums to create her works of art, depending on the story she is trying to express.

Asia Jensen’s home décor art pieces are well known in places such as Germany, Australia, Canada and more. She is inspired to create her art through “color and emotion” Although she now works for a production company as a set designer; her paintings are now published and enjoyed by many people all over the world. She always had a passion for the arts and was determined to somehow be involved. Her artistic ability from a young age, allowed her to grow up to be a successful artist.

Choosing home décor can be very time consuming with as much art that is available. But, having access to a huge selection of art pieces online, helps people target a specific style of art that they are interested in hanging in their home. There are so many artists and pieces available out there. These are just a few artist works that you may come across when you are searching for your home décor.