Amethyst and Gemstone Slabs Hold Great Importance in Home Decoration

Tiger’s eye is a member of the quartz group of chalcedonies. It is one of the chatoyant gemstones.

Tiger iron is composed of tiger’s eye slab, red jasper and black hematite. The rippled wavy bands of color often resemble a scenic view. Marra Mamba is a form of tiger iron found in one area of Australia near Mount Brockman. It is a very rare type of tiger iron that contains shades of red, green, yellow, and blue. This area has been mined out for many years so very little of the “true” Marra mamba is available today.

The exceptional looking piece of Marra mamba tiger’s iron rough from Australia looks like the evening sun setting behind a mountain range. It has a greenish cast with shades of brown, golden yellow, red and blue veining. Because the minerals in this stone are of varying hardness, it is difficult to polish without under cutting.

Tiger’s eye slab is mined in Western Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Namibia, and Burma.

Properties of Tiger’s eye slab:
Many legends about quartz say that wearing tiger’s eye (which is a form of quartz) is beneficial for health and spiritual well being. Legend also says it is a psychic protector, great for business, and an aid to achieving clarity.

Amethyst slab and Gemstone slabs
Amethyst and Gemstone are among some of the most loved accessories, as they offer a vivid element to increase elegance. Amethyst slab is not only used for jewelry, but also used for beautification and decoration of homes. Same is the case with gemstone slabs, they are also multipurpose materials. These can also be used for various purposes like home decorating, showpieces, wall designs, etc. These can add that extra touch of a dilemma and class to the decorations. Home decor mostly include a variety of components in unique colors to create a position vivid and lively. Everyone wants their home to be a residence of serenity, as they seek to reduce the stress and anxiety of a day by returning home.

Amethyst slab is usually green with purple in the shade with a different range of colors. It can be used within the cooking area, or in the bathrooms. Gemstone slabs add vivid splashes of shade that can convert the look and feel of the house. Relaxing and eye-catching is what these slabs will reflect, when you apply them for interior decoration purpose.

Apart from decorative clean sinks in the cooking area and restrooms, they are very convenient to combine with any shade you select for the surfaces. Hence, components like Siltstone and quartz are consistently used to create different and more eye-catching restroom and cooking slabs. Gemstone slabs craftily combine with other materials to create handle and door knobs.

You should always be careful to select a genuine supplier, who offers you the amethyst slab with top quality and best prices.

Use sufficient lighting that can reveal the shine of these gemstone slabs without making the decorations noisy and unpleasant. Build a peaceful and soothing environment that embraces the guests and let them get motivated by your style statement.