Rustic Home Decor Makes a Comeback

Gone are the sleek, cold lines of ultramodern contemporary decorating. The most popular styles of home decorating today emphasize the warmth and congeniality of the country. Decorators are embracing the charm and simplicity of rustic home decor, and combining it with some surprising accents. For the last few decades, there’s been a distinct split between [...]

Curtain Wonderland: Australia’s Leading Curtain And Home Decor Business

Curtain Wonderland is a company that sells window coverings (curtains, blinders, eyelets, etc.) and other home decor products. The company was started by siblings, Pam Tacey and Neville Russel, in 1971 as an exclusive dealer of soft furnishing fabrics. Over the years, Curtain Wonderland has grown from its single store location in Brisbane to cover [...]