Rustic Home Decor Makes a Comeback

Gone are the sleek, cold lines of ultramodern contemporary decorating. The most popular styles of home decorating today emphasize the warmth and congeniality of the country. Decorators are embracing the charm and simplicity of rustic home decor, and combining it with some surprising accents.

For the last few decades, there’s been a distinct split between high-end upscale home decorating and comfortable down-home affordable décor. The high-style magazines featured glossy photos of modern contemporary homes, replete with stone, glass and steel. The colors were stark – black and white with a few slashes of brilliant tones to emphasize the contrasts and smooth lines. Meanwhile, the magazines aimed at Mrs. America around the U.S.A. offered the warm, cozy sensibility of country kitsch and homespun fabrics. Cows and chickens, hearts and patchwork quilts, rag rugs and solid wood furniture filled rooms that invited guests to sit down, take your shoes off and set a spell.

The gap has closed, and one of today’s hottest new decorating styles blends the two into a stylish, classic blend of rustic charm and high-bred functionality. This new style – call it rustic modern – features natural materials (wood and stone, wool, cotton, linen and silk) and floor plans that flow and move into each other without overcrowding. The best examples of rustic décor have the feeling of a country lodge on an estate: open, relaxing and friendly.

Want to bring a bit of rustic warmth to your decorating scheme? Here are some suggestions from top designers.

Go for the country cabin look. Wood wall paneling is back in style – but with a twist. Rustic paneling features wide planks and a rough-hewn look, with a warm, honey tone.

Country crafts can warm your whole room. Try a classic patchwork quilt on a metal frame bed, or throw it over the back of a homespun sofa. Patchwork and appliquéd pillows with a country theme can bring a hint of rustic charm to your living and sitting rooms.

Think hunting lodge. Functionality meets creativity in some of the most charming and whimsical accents. Chainsaw carved bears sit by fireplaces, deer antlers hang on walls to hold hats and wrought iron is everywhere.

The right floor can transform your entire room. Bare wood is beautiful, and fits the style perfectly, but it’s not your only choice. Stone floors softened with woven and braided area rugs, or a classic sheepskin from Australia or New Zealand can be the perfect backdrop for rustic furniture and collections.

Go Navajo. Or Hudson Bay. Woven wool throws in Southwestern designs or a classic Hudson Bay wool blanket are a subtle touch of bygone rustic charm with a masculine feel that’s perfect for this style.

Keep it subtle. Opt for an open floor plan with plenty of seating space and choose your colors and materials to accent a few special pieces.

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Curtain Wonderland: Australia’s Leading Curtain And Home Decor Business

Curtain Wonderland is a company that sells window coverings (curtains, blinders, eyelets, etc.) and other home decor products. The company was started by siblings, Pam Tacey and Neville Russel, in 1971 as an exclusive dealer of soft furnishing fabrics. Over the years, Curtain Wonderland has grown from its single store location in Brisbane to cover a significant portion of Australia, and from its soft furnishing fabrics to an assortment of home decor products. The range of products customers can buy from Curtain Wonderland comprise ready made blinds, curtains, pillows/ cushions, pole sets, home decor accessories, comforters, quilt covers, towels, bedspreads and eyelets.

Contacts and customer service

As with every other successful business, Curtain Wonderland runs various channels of communication through which its clients can reach it. These contacts include online forms, telephone numbers, email addresses and physical offices. The phone numbers for store enquiries and online customer support are 1300 139 259 and 1300 369 910, respectively. The address of the head office is PO Box 138, Archerfield, Queensland 4108, its phone number is (07) 3275 2488. Customers can fill and submit the feedback and or book-a-free-measure-and-quote forms on the website to relay their messages. Critical information that should be provided on the forms includes a client’s name, location, email/ telephone number and a description of his/ her request/ issue.


Curtain Wonderland has stores lined along the far East side of Australia, with a single store located at the South West of Australia in Perth. By major locations, the company’s stores are in the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland. Curtain customers can visit or contact any of the stores to purchase various curtain products that the company deals. A client can also visit the website, under Store Locations, to locate the specific locations of stores near him/ her.

Payments and Delivery of Products

Curtain Wonderland accepts various modes of payments for its products including PayPal, Visa and Master Card. All online payments are eWay secured. Clients can purchase their products of interest at any one of Curtain Wonderland’s stores, or they can phone or email their orders to the company. The company delivers its products within ten (10) business days, from the day a customer places an order, and the deliveries are only carried out in Australia. Delivery charges vary by weight at $10, $15 and $15+ for 0-550g, 500g-50kg and over 50kgs, respectively of products being delivered. Customers who make purchases that exceed $250 get free delivery of their products.

Important Tips on Curtain Maintenance and Care

Curtain Wonderland strives to not only provide clients the best curtain and other products in the market, but also help customers take outstanding care of those products so as to prolong their lives. It is in regards to this that the company gives its clients tips on how to maintain and take care of their products. Valuable tips for maintaining curtains and other products include warm/ cold washing, no soaking or bleaching, warm iron ironing, minimal soiling from dirty hands or household objects, and under shade drying.

Return Policy on Purchased Items

Curtain Wonderlands accepts the return of faulty products and gives a hassle free refund in specific circumstances. If and when the returned products are reported two (2) days after delivery, returned to the company within ten (10) days, are custom made, and the fault for which they are being returned lies squarely in the hands of the company/ or its staffs, the company accepts the returned products and gives a refund. Tailor made products and products destroyed by the customer may not be returned to Curtain Wonderland.


Curtain Wonderland is an Australian business that deals a range of home decor products including curtains, cushions and beddings. The company has various stores within Australia, and it makes its deliveries to customers within Australian borders. Customers can reach the company via various communication channels for orders, enquiries and other product-related information.